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Raiffeisen Online Upgrades


Upgrades from Raiffeisen Online

June 10th 2012
• We re-launch the internet banking Raiffeisen Online, with a new look and improved functionality .
• What is offering you the new interface?

  • Superior usability – the application will be more friendly and easier to use/ intuitive
  • You can visualize much easier your financial portfolio evolution with the interactive graphic from the first page
  • Restructuring of the payment area, only one screen for all payments types, including the foreign exchange. Using the list with the available options , you can choose the payment type which you want to make( intra/inter, own accounts, international, utilities, etc)
  • Possibility of closing foreign currency deposits.

February 1st 2011
• Possibility to establish a maximum limit for payment invoice through ConfortaBill service
• Possibility to open current or savings accounts through Raiffeisen Online Application

July 21st 2011
• Making interbank payments in foreign currency with time in the future or recurrent
• Making cross currency payments (payments in a different currency of debit account) RB accounts and interbank
• Automatic reprocessing foreign currency payments to a time limit of reprocessing

August 31st 2011
• Extension of cut off time for foreign currency payments through Raiffeisen Online service

November 1st 2011
• Launching of Raiffeien Smart Mobile, a native application who offers:

  • check the balance
  • Money transfers to predefined beneficiaries
  • Safety of transactions
  • Possibility to locate any RB ATM or branch
  • Financial information
  • Utility payments

June 13th 2010
• Possibility to define reusable templates for payments between own accounts, intra and interbank payments in LEI and foreign currency and foreign exchange
• Possibility to purchase investment fun units for Raiffeisen Asset Management clients
• View and print statement for all operations performed on the intermediate accounts in the same day, and the possibility to export of them in EXCEL and PDF files
• Possibility to download electronic Statement in EXCEL file

December 1st 2010
• Increasing transparency by posting the Contract Terms and General Banking Conditions, on the login page
• Possibility to filling IBAN code for intra payments, for beneficiaries with RB opened accounts
• Adding Help Prompt options, to facilitate the using of application
• Alphabetical list of beneficiaries defined by the Beneficiary Administration facility

August 17th 2009
• Increase security by launching the „one time password” method of authentification and authorisation of transactions, generated together by a card reader and a smart card . For more information please consult the frequently asked questions.

November 21st 2008
• possibility to obtain details about each hold from the current account
• filtering the cyber receipts corresponding to the payments performed on-line during the last 6 months according to the name of the beneficiary

September 22nd 2008
• Inter-bank payments in Foreign currency;
• Current and saving account statements

August 10th 2007
• Launch of a new version of Raiffeisen Online that brings multiple design and functionalities improvements, such as:
- bill payments in foreign currency and generating a payment code for Vodafone bill payments
- the facility of consulting the foreign exchange rates prior to ordering the transaction
- the possibility to acces a wide range of information regarding your credit card ( the available balance for your credit card, several data you need for performing the reimbursement, a list containing the transactions performed with your credit card updated now in real time, a list containing all the transactions corresponding to your latest 6 statements, with the possibility to select the statement you are interested in, the date of renewal for the main credit card,etc)
- increasing the degree of easiness in using the menu .

January 18th 2007
• Launch of the English version of the service

October 26th 2006
• Launch the English version of the presentation site;
• Demo for login the application and perform transfers on the presentation web site;
• Documents with additional information ("Utility Suppliers" and "News").

September 29th 2006
• Access Raiffeisen Online with Opera and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

August 9th 2006
• Intrabank payments in foreign currency
• Create time deposits on tranches

July 21st 2006
• Log in the application using the foreign currency debit cards

July 20th 2006
• Perform payments from the savings account Acces Plus

June 1st 2006
Launch of the presentation web site

May 20th 2006
• Pre-define beneficiary (with accounts to other Romanian banks)
• Redeem time deposits in LEI

May 15th 2006
• Launch Raiffeisen Online

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