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Payments to suppliers


Paying your bills is now much easier because Raiffeisen Online offers you several possibilities:

1. Direct Debit

Through the means of this service you empower the bank to automatically pay from your account your bills, provided that you ensure enough funds in your account. The suppliers you can set up this service for are the following:

  • Aviva
  • Distrigaz Sud Arges
  • Distrigaz Nord Arad
  • Distrigaz Sud Bucuresti
  • Distrigaz Sud Brasov
  • Distrigaz Sud Buzau
  • Distrigaz Sud Dolj
  • Distrigaz Sud Galati
  • Distrigaz Sud Gorj
  • Distrigaz Nord Mures
  • Distrigaz Sud Prahova
  • Distrigaz Sud Dambovita
  • Distrigaz Sud Valcea
  • Electrica Braila
  • Electrica Bucuresti
  • Electrica Buzau
  • Electrica Dambovita
  • Electrica Ilfov
  • Electrica Prahova
  • Electrica Vrancea
  • Orange
  • Romtelecom
  • UPC Ialomita
  • UPC Botosani
  • UPC Prahova
  • UPC Timis
  • UPC Vrancea
  • Vodafone
  • Zapp

To set up this service you must choose option Account services / Direct Debit  (payments to suppliers) / Create Direct Debit.

2. Bill payments

Using this option you decide when you pay your bills; you may pay the bills issued by the suppliers that have accounts within Raiffeisen Bank and are among the following:

  • AIG asigurare
  • Allianz asigurare viata
  • Anevar taxe
  • Aviva asigurare
  • Carpatair bilete de avion
  • Distrigaz Brasov
  • Distrigaz Bucuresti
  • Distrigaz Buzau
  • Distrigaz Craiova
  • Distrigaz Dambovita
  • Distrigaz Fagaras
  • Distrigaz Galati
  • Distrigaz Pitesti
  • Distrigaz Ploiesti
  • Distrigaz Tg.Jiu
  • Distrigaz Valcea
  • Generali asigurare accidente
  • Generali asigurare viata
  • Generali asigurare non-viata
  • Grawe asigurare
  • Interamerican viata
  • Interamerican non-viata
  • Interamerican sanatate
  • Interamerican asigunit-linked
  • KD Life asigurare
  • Orange convorbiri mobil
  • Orange garantii
  • Raiffeisen Leasing
  • Sanoma -National Geographic
  • Vodafone convorbiri mobil

In order to use this option choose from the menu Transfers / Payments – Bill payments.

3. Intrabank / Interbank transfers

In case your supplier to whom you want to pay the bill is not among the previous mentioned suppliers, you may use option Transfers / Payments:

  • Intrabank transfers – in case the supplier has the account open in Raiffeisen Bank;
  • Interbank transfers – in case the supplier has the account open in other Romanian banks.

In this case you must fill in the field "Payment details" with all details required by the supplier in order to identify your transfer.

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